Warranty Info


The warranty period refers to quality, performance and functional problems that occur during production,and the service can be applied free of charge.


According to the time of purchase

The warranty period starts from the invoice date on the date of purchase.If the date of purchase cannot be determined, it will be calculated within six months from the date of production of the product.


Different product warranty period (calculated from the time of purchase)

Body parts (hardware and plastic parts): 12 months.

Electrical part (motor, controller and PCB, charger) 6 months, battery1 year.

The same part fails after the warranty period, it can be repaired for free within 2 months.



- When the following situations occur during the warranty period,the repair cost shall be borne by the consumer.

1.When the user misuses.

2.Decomposing or modifying products that cannot be used normally without authorization.

3.Failure due to external impact or storage.

4.When the warranty or purchase contents are not confirmed.

5.Damage caused by water or foreign matter contamination.

6.Do not use our company's original parts or batteries.